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Our clients are our best advertising. Here’s what they say…

We had the pleasure this week cleaning carpet near the Morning View subdivision in Suwanee, GA 30024.


A client call about concerns with carpet stains from grease. He shared the he had already used a carpet cleaning solution that was similar to that of a carpet shampooer and it didn’t work.

CitruSolution Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Apparently a few members of the family had grease on their shoes and tracked it on the carpet on the stairs, hallway and in two of the bedrooms. I explained, as I have to with most of our callers, that soapy products don’t tend to clean very well and always leave a sticky residue on the carpet that attracts dirt causing spots to “reappear.”

As you can see from the after pictures all of the spots are gone and every single spot that was on the carpet had soap in at. Apparently even though the carpet spot cleaner that was being was not working, it was used on all the spots!

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning

Most carpet cleaners, especially the carpet steam cleaners, charge extra for spots. CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning of Suwanee does not charge extra for spots. There are no up-sells, no add-ons, no hidden fees of any kind, ever! CitruSolution gives EXACT-imates, not estimates so our carpet cleaning prices do not change when we get to your home.


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As you can see from the dark spots on the carpet there were several “areas of concern.” Most of the time these spots are from spot cleaners or other products that have been used on the carpet. Almost ALL carpet spot cleaners are soapy or foamy so they leave a sticky residue on the carpet which causes these areas to “collect” dirt and often times get larger. Continued use of soapy foamy cleaners will continue to make the problem worse.

Most carpet cleaners charge EXTRA for spots, our philosophy is “You called to have your carpet CLEANED, so why are you getting CHARGED EXTRA if it is DIRTY?”

The CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Process utilizes a NON-SOAPY, NON-FOAMY, citrus-based solvent cleaner that Cleans Better, Dries Faster, Stays Cleaner Longer, and It Smells Great!

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“I used Zerorezz and they were terrible. Plus there were all these additional charges.”
Jennifer R.- Buford, GA 


ShareI was more than satisfied with the service provided. They removed pet stains from both my carpets and sofa and left them looking new again and smelling really fresh! I will not be looking into another carpet cleaning company ever. Rachel – Suwanee, GA

After 20 years of using steam cleaning companies to clean my carpets, I decided to give Citrus Solution a try. J.R. Mitchell was prompt, explained the process, and proceeded to get my carpets cleaner than I ever thought possible. To make the experience even better, he didn’t try to sell me anything in addition to what I originally ordered. That’s a first! I’m never going back to steam cleaners. Jill – Suwanee

“JR showed up at the promised time and was very careful with our home furnishings. The carpets and area rugs look terrific and they dried fast! If your carpets need cleaning, call JR.  There will be no price surprise or attempted up-sale.  How refreshing!”   Jim Harrell

CitruSolution saved my children months of allergy suffering! My 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son have had winter allergies from the time they were brought home from the hospital. I had CitruSolution come to my house to remove spots and stains caused by my two little blessings and a wonderful ‘side affect’ happened. For the first time in their lives my children did not have to endure a winter full of medications, stuffy noses, and itchy eyes! This in itself is worth every penny spent on the carpet cleaning, never mind the fact that my berber covered floors looked new again. The entire process took half the time it has with the “steamer” type companies I’ve used in the past, and the carpet was dry in a flash with little interruption to our daily activities. The smell makes you feel as though you are in a ready to harvest orange grove just after summer shower. I can’t thank CitruSolution enough. God Bless You,
Don G.

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the work you have done! I am a full time Real Estate Agent and I am going to recommend you to every client I have. You did the white carpets of one of my listings recently and I told them that there was no way this house would sell without replacing the carpets. to my amazement not only did the carpets come out looking like new but every stain in the carpet was gone and the smell is absolutely incredible. the house sold within days of the cleaning and one of the comments the client’s realtor made was the house smelled so good they couldn’t believe it. I just had you do one of my rental homes and I can’t wait to see how it turned out. Thank you for an incredible job. You have my business from now on!
David P.
Platinum Properties

As a ‘veteran’ wall to wall carpet owner with pets…I can tell you I have had numerous carpet cleaning companies called in over the years to bail me out of embarrassing situations prior to social gatherings and parties at my home. Only trouble was…a few days after the cleaning took place…the spots always came back…not to mention the smell!!!”
“The cleaning YOU performed with CitruSolution changed all that. Not only am I spot-free…but the house smells totally fresh from top to bottom! Thank you s000000 very much for delivering such an incredible service with this superior product. You can be sure I will call you for all future cleaning needs and I’m serious about passing out your cards and telling my friends about CitruSolution. I’ll be doing them an incredible favor!!!
Dianne M.

“We used Zerorez and they were terrible. PLUS they had all these EXTRA charges.”
Jennifer R.
Buford, Georgia

Well from what I’ve seen, the carpets look new. I will definitely call you for the next one.”
Paradise Properties of South Florida/Real Estate Investments

You did a fabulous job. I have already told my buds at work about you. Funny you should write me after my dog just heaved! I used your stuff. The old one just barfs enough to ruin my carpet. I won’t get new till he is gone and that I hate to say, is soon. Although the getting up all night for him, and cleaning his mess is getting old, even for a dog lover! Thank you so much for all the hard work you did.
Suwanee, GA

As my children have grown up and left the house, I have started letting my pets come in the house. I have two St. Bernards and two Humane Society dogs. I never realized how dirty my carpet was getting. I have always had a “comfortable home,” but I had to face the fact that I needed to clean my carpets more often. J.R. Mitchell came to the house and knew exactly what I needed. My carpets have never been so clean and fresh. Thanks CitruSolution.”
Martha Zoller of The Martha Zoller Show
Gainesville, GA

J.R. it was great meeting you the other day. The carpets turned out great. We will definitely keep you in mind when we need a good carpet cleaner
Tim Sullivan
Home Solutions RE/MAX Center

J.R. is a miracle worker….they look fantastic. Your product and your company are un-unbelievable. You should have taken pictures and taken them around everywhere. They are spotless.
Sugar Hill, GA

Wow, that’s phenomenal!! My husband is not going to believe his eyes
Jan Norcross, GA

The day after you left, our dog threw-up at the top of the stairs. We used the spot cleaner you gave us and it all came up. That stuff is amazing. You can’t even tell where it was
John Sugar Hill, GA

I had J.R. Mitchell clean my carpets this past Monday and am so impressed. I was ready to tear them up and throw them out because of dog stains when a friend recommended J.R. and CitruSolution. The solution he used had a wonderful smell and the carpets dried looking beautiful. I do still have a few stains because of the soap I used trying to clean it up myself, but J.R. will be back in a few months and I expect those few stains will be gone soon enough. Great product and great work by J.R.
Buford, GA

I wanted to share with you how pleased our management company was the outcome of your service at the last property you cleaned for us. When we contacted you about it, we were almost resolved to having the carpets replaced. The prior tenants not only did not take care of them, but also had a pet that added to the ‘problem’. Another property manager that has used you in the passed convinced me to give you guys a try before we made our final decision.” “When I went over to inspect the final results I was more or less expecting to see a “valiant effort” on your part with the same outcome of having to replace the carpet anyway. To say that I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. The carpet was literally brought back from the dead. Not only did we not have to replace the carpet, but several prospective tenants have asked us if the carpet was just recently installed! “Thank you for an outstanding job and an outstanding product.”
Alex G.,
TreeHouse Management

We just wanted to thank you for coming out and doing such an awesome job our our carpet. It still looks perfect (of course that’s easy when we don’t have animals or little ones running around)! From the moment it was done, the carpet looked and smelled 100x’s better. I have recommended you to my whole family and I will most certainly give your name to anyone I know! I will be in touch soon, we need some more rooms done! Thanks for coming way out here, we appreciate it.
Canton, GA

CitruSolution does an amazing job. I have two dogs and a cat so keeping my carpets clean is no easy task, especially when they are white. JR is honest, professional and very dependable. He is a must-have in your rolodex.
Kathy F
Flowery Branch, GA

Just wanted to let you know how awesome your spot cleaner is. Gabby’s red doggy vomit was no match even though I had my doubts! Should have taken a before and after pic for your website!
Lisa C.
Snellville, GA

“You know, I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but your stuff works better than anything we have.”
Large Well-Known Carpet Cleaner




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