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The Jeffery Campbell Evans Foundation

Jeffery Campbell Evans Foundation

“We exist to end the stories of caregivers who sleep in hospital chairs night-after-night, who eat hospital cafeteria food, take showers when possible and make a change of clothes when convenient.” – Bob & Mary Evans

If you are looking for an AMAZING place/organization to donate your time, your resources, old furniture, etc. You can’t go wrong with The Jeffery Campbell Evans!

The Jeffery Campbell Evans Foundation provides transplant patients a Bridge to Life, while recovering from their organ transplant and until their doctor releases them from his/her care.

Their MISSION is providing wellness accommodations for transplant patients and their caregivers.

How Did The J.C. Evans Foundation Come to Be?

Seattle natives Bob and Mary Evans started the foundation in 2015 as a way to bring meaning to the death of their son, Jeffrey “Jeff” Evans.

Jeff, a 4-star Atlanta chef, became ill with flu-like symptoms in 2003 after volunteering to cook at a large charity event in South Georgia. A few days later, X-rays revealed that his heart was large — roughly the size of a small soccer ball — and that an unknown virus had destroyed 80 percent of his heart’s function.

Jeff was on the waiting list for a transplant for three years and was even prepped for surgery once, but the donor’s heart was not viable. He died Aug. 8, 2006, at age 26.Jeffery Campbell Evans Foundation

Mary Evans said she was sitting at her kitchen table one morning several years later and said: “God, you have to tell me how to make sense of losing my Jeff” because to his mom, “none of this makes sense.”

It was then that she said she came up with the idea of building a transplant house in son Jeff’s memory, although she, husband Bob, and son Brad later decided it was better to start smaller, with apartments.

The AJC recently did a story on the JC Evans Foundation.

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