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Citrus Solution Specials

Citrus Solution Carpet Cleaning Specials


A lot of people FIRST ask “How Much.” But they usually don’t get charged what they’re quoted. Not only does CitruSolution provide EXACT-imates and FOREVER Pricing, we are currently charging $40 per area, 4 area minimum (an area is a bedroom, hallway, flight of stairs, living room, dining room, family room, office, play room, etc.)

No Per Spot Fees! No Up Sells! No Hidden Charges!

Count up the number of areas you’d like cleaned, multiply it by $40 and you’ll know EXACTLY what your cost will be as long as you pay cash or check. If you’d like to use a credit/debit card there is a 3% charge is what we are charged.

We do provide EXACT-imates and if you’re charged more than your EXACT-imate, your carpet cleaning is FREE!

FREE Carpet Cleaning


Citrus Solution Carpet Cleaning Service Areas

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